Testing Windows Live Writer Because I Love Trying Software

Live Writer Screenshot I’ve decided I would like to try out a couple of different programs that might help me spend more time writing on my blog and less time logging in to the different admin panels. One of my favorite pieces of software was w.bloggar, but I stopped using it when I couldn’t add tags and stuff with it. Maybe I just didn’t know all the tricks but the software seemed to limit what I could do in a way that the WordPress admin interface didn’t.

I still like the idea of a consolidated area for my writing. I feel the same about my fiction. I tried out lots of different software, even writing a couple of books with different programs, but ultimately, I settled on one and imported all my fiction into it.

I’ve tried Live Writer before and I liked it, but I had a couple of weird issues with the particular blog I used it on. The categories disappeared from the WP admin where you add them to a post. They didn’t reappear until I upgraded to a new version after a complete deletion of the old files. Previous upgrades where I just overwrote the old files didn’t do anything to fix the problem.

Anyway, I’m being brave here and giving it another shot. :-) So, there you go. This post is coming directly from Live Writer.

This is my life…

I spend a lot of time working on websites. I enjoy the work so that makes it all right. That’s the thing about doing something I love. When I’m working the hardest at it, I just enjoy it more.

This site is simply a compendium of my total works. Yes, I know I have too many websites. It’s like telling a reader she has too many books. So what. I have that problem too and I am always reminded of this when I need shelf space that’s already taken.

I’m not sure how serious I am about these sites, if they’re simply something to keep my creative side alive, giving me an outlet for my opinion and obsessions, or if they’re the beginnings of a career that I might want to chase down when I have the free time for it.

But for the moment, this is it.

This is my life…