Tomorrow I’ll be back on my schedule

Tomorrow I’ll be back on my schedule, but today is for catching up all the things I need to do for the book I’m getting ready to publish. I could probably say I’m on the schedule anyway, except that I consider the schedule exclusive to writing, not publishing stuff. I’ll just take my break for lunch at the same time so I can keep up the habit.

With my next book, I’m going to be much more diligent about working around the schedule so I can keep writing even during the publishing phase. (It really depends on how much the schedule affects my word counts. If they stay high and I write as much as I want to be writing, writing through the publishing phase might not be necessary.)

Six hours a day, seven days a week is a good amount of work, so if I don’t have to add to that to reach the level of success I want, I’m going with that option. On the other hand, I really don’t mind. I enjoy what I do and would rather do it than so many of the other things I’d be doing instead. ;)

That said, this year, I’m not passing on doing my deck garden like I did last year (I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and other stuff in pots). I’ll be planting this weekend unless it rains me out. :D Maybe when the plants get pretty, I’ll post some pictures. :)

Edit is done

Holy crap, that took so much longer than I had hoped. I finally finished the edit at 9:18 pm. I worked on it all day. The problem? I apparently read at half speed or less when I’m copy editing (probably why I’m pretty good at catching mistakes) and it’s crazy slow taking my necessary fixes from Kindle to document.

Another thing I’ve noticed lately: my books are too damn long. This book is 20,000 words longer than I wanted it to be, and editing 20,000 extra words is a lot of extra work. I forget that. I definitely forgot it this time. Considering the length of the book, I probably didn’t do half bad on time.

But I don’t want to write long books! I will admit, as I read this book, it sure didn’t feel long. It almost feels too short this time and that’s… not good. The ending kind of rushes up on you. Then again, I like the ending, so who knows.

So, tomorrow will have to be the formatting and publishing. I toyed with the idea of staying up and just getting it done, but I have kids with colds right now and if those germs are floating around here, a lack of sleep is exactly what I don’t need. I want to be at my best tomorrow so I can knock the rest of this stuff out quick. If I had to do it tonight, I’d be lucky to be working at half speed. I’m tired. I’ll be back tomorrow. ;)

I finished that book

All those things I needed to finish day before yesterday? I finished the book—that was about all I got done. I didn’t finish the edit (although I did start it), and just as I suspected, I didn’t get to do anything on the publishing side of things yesterday. Oh, I got three more pages copy edited, but seriously, I’m going to have to redo them today because I can’t even remember where I’m at in the story. Yesterday was much more stressful than I expected. My anxiety levels were through the roof! :o

So, today, the plan is to do all those things I needed to do the day before yesterday and didn’t finish.

If all goes well, I’ll get this thing published by the end of the month yet. :D

I so look forward to returning to my schedule tomorrow. If I get close enough to done today, that’ll be the plan for tomorrow, and any lingering publishing tasks can fill in the time before and after the schedule.


Crunched for time today, no getting around that

I have so much to do and so little time to do it in, so why am I writing this blog post? I do it for myself. Sometimes I think it relieves stress and today, I need some stress relief. I have an obligation tomorrow that means I’ll have exactly zero time to do any publishing stuff, unless I get really lucky and can squeeze it in late in the evening. I’ll be tired from a long day on the road though so I’m not going to be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

Here’s the thing. I really need to meet a sort-of public deadline I set for publishing this latest book, but today’s my last day to do it because it won’t happen tomorrow and I don’t want to get too close to the end of the month with it.

So, here are the things that I need to do so that I can make that happen.

I need to finish the book. (Yep. I still have one or two scenes to wrap up and I’m just not there yet. A good use for my 9–12 writing time.)

I need to do a final edit. (I did do an edit of the whole book already because I promised myself I would edit before the end this time and I stuck to that. I did the edit of the first half of the book quite a while back and I did the second half edit on the 14th and 15th this month (I noted it in my daily word count log). That means I only have 16,591 words plus whatever I write today that hasn’t been edited (basically the end of the book) and that the rest should be an easy typo read only (meaning I won’t lose time to highlighting lots of little fixes on my Kindle that I will then need to fix in the book—which always takes longer than it seems like it should for some reason!). This is great news because I really need to get this done.)

I need to write cover copy for the book.

I need to format the book in a variety of ebook formats.

I need to publish the book in as many of the places I usually publish as I possibly can get to today. (Some of which will depend on which ebook formats I’m able to finish in the time I have.)

I feel like I’m forgetting something but time’s a’wasting and I plan to get a head start on that read-through edit before my writing time starts at 9. Toodles.

Trying to work around the schedule

It’s my biggest wish to be able to keep to the writing schedule while I go through the motions of preparing to publish a book. I can’t say that I’m winning the first round in that fight.

I’ve just finished a cover that literally took me the longest it’s ever taken me to make a cover. I broke down at one point and drafted an email to the designers of a cover I had made for a book for a different pen name, because this experience was just so bad that I couldn’t imagine trying to do another one. I hate designing covers. Honestly, I just hate it. I think I know why. I really don’t like doing stuff I’m not good at, and I can’t seem to get good at making covers. They’re all just passable. Adequate. And tbh, I’m so tired of that.

Because of that cover taking three days instead of the 5 to 6 hours I expected, I’ve written much less than I wanted to write over the last three days. I stuck to my schedule half the day Friday. None on Saturday. Half again, today. I’ve racked up just under 2,000 words for those days total. If not for the schedule, I know in my heart I wouldn’t even have that.

So yay! Another win for the schedule.

Tomorrow (kids will be in school) I attempt to stick the schedule again, while making time before and after to edit the book I’m preparing to publish and maybe even get to the formatting. Boy am I going to be busy…

A great first week of the schedule

The first full week of the schedule has gone great. I didn’t have any of the problems I expected and I wrote more than I thought I would. I also had my first tough day today, although only because I had such a terrible night’s sleep last night after I woke up with a headache before one and couldn’t get back to sleep until nearly four-thirty. I still managed to work for the majority of my time and ended the day with a better word count than my lowest day this week.

Gotta say, I’m thrilled at the success I had this week. I wrote 14,400 words and ended the first full week of the schedule with a daily average of 2,057 words.

This change in attitude has really made a difference in my work habits and given me back my enthusiasm for writing. I’m absolutely brimming over with the desire to write. :D

I think that change in attitude has been just as important as the lucky break I had when I picked my work times, not realizing I was choosing work times that were just different enough from those I’d tried in the past to make a difference. I’m so glad I didn’t let myself overthink that decision.

Having a good run with the schedule

This schedule is working wonders for me right now. I feel different about this one in a way I wasn’t expecting but am thrilled with. My word counts are better than I hoped for and I’ve set no quotas at all. My only plan is to stick to the schedule as closely as I can as often as I can. That meant stopping half an hour early today because of a family obligation. I still ended the day with my best word count since I started following the schedule.

I knew when setting the schedule that no schedule can work for every day all the time. But I gotta say, this one is working so much better than I expected. I mean, I hoped, but I really wasn’t expecting it!

This might be my best schedule ever

I enjoyed another day of writing on a schedule today. The easy success of the last few days has made me think, wondering what the difference is between this schedule and those that came before. I finally think I’ve come up with several reasons to explain why it might be the best one ever.

  • I start later. 9 am is quite late for me. I’m usually up at 6 on weekdays but I sometimes sleep later on weekends. 9 am means the schedule works no matter which day it is without adjustment. Usually, I set up schedules that start really early and I’m always making adjustments.
  • The break between 12 and 1 is only an hour. Meaning I have less time to prepare food and less time to get sucked into watching TV or reading a book once I sit down to eat. Because I’m eating less at mid-day, I don’t get so sleepy afterward. Usually, I set up schedules with big breaks so I’m more rested when I get back to it. Unfortunately, I’m usually too rested and don’t want to!
  • I don’t have a quota or run the timers so the only pressure I have is the pressure to stick to the schedule. Usually, I have competing pressures because I usually do set word count goals and I run the timer and keep track of how much I produce. That’s a lot of added pressure. It’s nice being able to just focus on sticking to the schedule.

Anyway, I thought I had another reason but I can’t remember it just yet. If I do, I’ll add it. :)

Made it another day with the schedule

Day two of following my new schedule went well. I stuck to it and probably got in about 5 hours of writing total after necessary breaks and one short, frustrating period of time where I thought seriously about taking a quick nap. I didn’t, but boy did I come close.

To recap:

Yesterday — 1,343
Today — 2,201

I wrote more today. Not by a lot, because I’m still stuck on this ending, but it is coming along.