Editing Still

Ouch. I had hoped to be done by now. I’m at 71% done. The good news is that the last 20% or so should be in much better shape than the other 80%, the bad news is that I don’t actually know that.

I’m feeling more apathetic about this story than I should and that scares me. :o There are sections I wrote where I had a lot of fun and sections I wrote where I was excited, etc, and now those sections are doing nothing for me as a reader. :O I write for me so I can enjoy my own stories later and as you can imagine, I’m very concerned about my own reaction to what I’ve written. I’m not usually one of those people who gets sick of their stories. And maybe I’m not sick of it now, maybe I just need some distance. Maybe I’m still in the critical space in my head I’ve been trying to climb out of over the last few months, because I admit, I’m having trouble reading and enjoying any fiction at the moment—and even my favorite television shows feel distant as I watch them. So maybe it really is just me.*

So, does this mean it’s time to panic? You’d think so, but I am taking this moment to remind myself that I’ve done the best I can at this moment in time and that’s all I can do. It’s either okay or it’s not, but agonizing over it isn’t going to help. Working over the story more isn’t going to help either. I did that with the novella that never ended and all it got me was a novella that never ended. :o

I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this thing, formatting it, and releasing it into the wild and then moving on to finish the next book.

And now, it’s time to get back to it. :)

I love all my books. But maybe it’s true that I love some more than others.

*Update: This book has gotten me my highest average rating on Goodreads to date for any of my books. So, yeah, I can’t trust my feelings on these issues—at least not at the moment. 

Editing Day Do Over Do Over ;)

So, yesterday I totally blew off the editing because I made a book cover instead. It started out innocently enough, with me working over possible titles as I had breakfast. Then I decided I needed a bit more time before I sat down to read, so I hit the stock photo shop and spent an hour of the hour and a half I allotted for that looking at photographs. I found something tempting and decided to very quickly pull up the template I was going to use for my book cover, and try out the photo and my title on it.

I changed the title. I bought the photo license. ;)

At that point, I decided to go ahead with the cover design and save the editing for the evening.

I finished the cover in 5 hours and 42 minutes, plus an hour searching images, so probably a record time for me on a novel cover! And I’m quite pleased with it. I’m not saying a pro couldn’t have done better, and I’m not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, but I finally made layer masks work for me and was able to do a few other interesting things I don’t usually do. That learning curve is finally leveling off a bit. Whew! It’s only taken how many books? :)

Anyway, I’m getting to the editing now, though, so time to get busy today. I have a book to edit, files to make, an ebook to proof, and uploading to do (probably not all today, but ASAP, nonetheless).

Oh, and I finished my 50 words last night after almost forgetting to do them for the first time since starting my daily writing habit. I’ll have to remember to be on my guard about that while publishing stuff, but I wrote them in Evernote on my phone just before I went to sleep. Just checked this morning, and it was 97 words. Close call, that. ;)

Editing Day Do Over

So, yesterday didn’t work well as an editing day. Sick kid and all that. Other reasons too, but why bore you? So, today, it’s an editing day do over. :)

This morning I think I finally have a title for my book. I’m also working on cover copy. The house is cool, but I’m sweating, so I might be on my way to a cold to match the one my kids had. Yuck. I must get this book ready to go before I actually get sick though, so headache, be gone!

I’m going to have a long day, because now I not only have to finish editing the book, I have to do a cover (something that often takes me two days because I hate doing it and I’m not that proficient with the software) and cover copy, and if I have time (I won’t, but I’m trying to be an optimist) format the epub with Jutoh. :D

I always plan to have a lot more time between finishing a book and releasing it, but alas, it never seems to work out that way.

Editing Day

I’m probably going to keep my daily writing streak alive today with the bare minimum word count, because for the moment, I have lots to do.

I didn’t start editing yesterday as I had planned. Night before last, I tossed and turned and woke up absolutely certain that my ending wasn’t right. I tried to ignore that feeling, but I never could get more than a page in on the editing, and I finally gave up and read a few pages from a few different writers’ books I enjoy (Spider, Spin Me A Web; Bird by Bird; The Courage to Write; Self-editing for Fiction Writers) just to loosen my mind. Then I sat down and fixed my ending. It took me just over 6 hours and I was finished at 1:06 AM.

But I love it! This was exactly what I needed to do and I’m so glad I did it. I don’t have even one tenth of the anxiety left that was plaguing me about the book. Yay! :)

Sometimes, it’s just hard work, but it pays off in the end.

Maybe the book’s good, maybe it isn’t, but I like it and that’s all that matters to me right now. :D

I sent the book to my Kindle last night and now I’m just about (yikes!) as soon as I pick up my sick kid I’m going to get started reading it.

Finished Book Woes

I am totally and completely freaking out about this book I just finished. It’s the first novel I’ve completed since January and … it feels like my writing abilities took a huge step backward in the intervening time.

I’m going to read this thing today and hope my insecurities are a product of my imagination.

Hmm.  That was a bit of an unintentional pun.  Ah well. :D

Time to get to work!

Finish the Book—Day 2 after the Deadline

The good night’s sleep has helped immensely. Writing is going well this morning, and the ending is back on track! Yay! :D

UPDATE: I’ve deleted over 2,400 words (bye bye gunfight! but this ending is moving right along now! Love it. Whew! I might actually make it today. :D

I can feel the book coming to a close. I actually had to go back and find my ending (that’s why all the deleted words), because I overshot it. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I had a scene that probably should have been the end but I was treating it as just another thing… I fixed that and voila! 


Finish the Book—Day After the Deadline

I do not like drama of the personal kind. But of course, drama is impossible to get away from completely, and this afternoon I completely failed to escape a diabolical attempt to interrupt my ridiculously tight schedule.

Because of that, I lost a few hours of writing time, and, yeah, this is where I admit I didn’t finish the book yesterday even though yesterday was my seriously serious deadline. Now I’m going to be up tonight later than planned trying to finish, and will probably get a late start tomorrow as a result, and … this is why I hate drama!

But I also had a sick kid home from school today and that weighed on my mind, making it a bit hard to concentrate in my earlier sessions.

After giving it a few minutes thought, I actually think I’m going to get some extra rest tonight and give this a fresh go in the morning. I don’t want a lack of rest to make me more susceptible to catching the cold my kid has. I do not have time for a cold right now, so I’d appreciate it if it would stay away until at least September 19th. ;)

Also, I’m not sure where the ending it going. I’ve stalled out and I don’t really like what I have, so it could be that I need some additional thinking time on this. I’m going to use my beloved “send to Kindle” app to send this book to me for a quick perusal before I drift off to dreamland. I doubt it can hurt! :D

Finish the Book—Deadline

Okay, so I didn’t finish last night. I wrote a lot, and ended the day with a net word count of 2,419. That put me 304 words over my goal for the book. There was plenty of working over of the last few scenes as I worked stuff out, but I ended up with some really good stuff. ;)

I still have to write the climax and ending. Ah, the beauty of deadlines. I’ve done much better on this book than my last few, which all went way over the goal word counts, by tens of thousands of words. My very last book, in fact, went 27,000+ words over.

I feel like a total success with this one even though I know I’m going to end just a bit high! :D

My goal today is to end the book in 3,000 words and to write all those 3,000 by 1 PM. It’s possible I’m being optimistic here about how few words I need for a good climax and validation, but we’ll see. I’ve already managed to get a bunch of my threads tied up in the last couple of chapters and set everything up to go boom in the very next scene. :D

UPDATE: Gunfight! :)

UPDATE 2: I wrote 1,265 before I broke for lunch. I came up quite short of my goal. Now I’ve swapped out my spindle-back dining room chair and settled into my new seat because it’s more comfortable and my plan is to write straight through for 4 hours with as few breaks as I can manage.  Can’t do that in the hard chair. I do 5 minute sessions in that chair and yeah, maybe that’s 60 sessions but that’s also 60 breaks! I don’t want to be taking breaks for the next few hours. I want to fall into my story and just write toward that ending I need to get done tonight. :) Wish me luck!

Good luck, me! :D

Finish the Book Challenge—Day 3

Still working on finishing the book. Today I’m going to push hard to get to the end.

I’ll be over my word count goal in less than 2,000 more words, but I’m hoping I don’t go too long! ;) I need to be done today because tomorrow is the deadline and I’d like to finish early. :D

UPDATE: I’m over my word count goal for this book at this point, although not by much (216 words). I took a quick break to have supper and watch a favorite show, and now I’m getting back to work. I have a bit to delete as I go, so I doubt I’ll increase the count by too much at the moment, although later tonight, as I really get into the climax, I expect to grow the story by another few thousand words.  But I’m so happy the ending is finally coming together. I had a strange twist happen, but it fits so perfectly, it’s like I set it up intentionally, and I love it when that happens!

Finish the Book Challenge—Day 2

I did not finish my book yesterday, so I’m trying again today. :) I have 3 days until my self-imposed deadline that is not as self-imposed as it sounds. If the book isn’t done on Thursday, my publishing schedule will be completely messed up and I will in all likelihood not publish by the date I promised the book, something to be avoided at all costs.

I’m excited because I think this book is winding up for a finale and that gives me hope that I’ll be done on time.

I’m planning to get started early today, so off for breakfast and I’ll be back to start writing very shortly. :D