Day 14 of No More Zero Word Days

Ha! It’s been 14 days now. I haven’t missed a day of writing on at least one of the 4 novels I most want (and need) to finish asap.

I wrote 69 words for one story and deleted 98 from another, so technically, I’m not necessarily going to end the day positively unless I squeeze in just a bit more writing, but hey, it counts.

Having such a small goal has helped make this possible. I suspect that if I’d set my goal above 50 words a day I wouldn’t have made it to 14 days. I just did a quick average on my spreadsheet and I’ve averaged 164 words a day over those 14 days. That’s really not that bad, considering. That said, I’m about to change things. Nothing drastic, but I think I need to change my mini habit.*

Tomorrow I’m going swimming. I love swimming, and I’m hoping I won’t burn in the sun since tomorrow’s high is supposed to be around 83° F. I’m also hoping I’ll come home rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the holiday weekend. I need a break. A real break, not one that’s caused by procrastination and anxiety—something I can enjoy. I need more of those, and fewer of the other.

*Posted! Mini Habit Revisions.

Day 13 of No More Zero Word Days

Finally, a breakthrough! For 13 consecutive days I’ve written more than 50 words each day before lunch. Today, I wrote more words of fiction than I’ve written in a day since June 6.

Today’s total stands at 590 words. I had 623 on one story but then started working on a different project after lunch and went backwards with my word count because I deleted more than I added. But—one of my stories has 623 words more in it today than yesterday and that makes me happy. :D

It’s possible I’m not done for the day, but I feel good about ending the day here if I am.

I’ve been away from all my stories too long. I could feel that while I wrote this morning. Too many details wouldn’t come to me without effort, and some didn’t come to me even then. I had to leave a note for myself in the story to look up someone’s name. Usually I can go right to that kind of information, but I haven’t read through the 10,000 words that are already written in at least a month, possibly longer. I started the book on April 11.

I should read my stories (those that I’m actively working on), all of them, from the beginning, but that’s 63,000 words, and I don’t want to. I don’t usually have to fight this hard to read my own stuff. I mean, I usually do it for fun. :D And I’m a re-reader.* So … at first I was worried that it meant something was wrong—with all 4 of the books I’ve been working on! Then I realized that my disinterest in reading and writing signaled more about my state of health than about the state of my books, so I added some daily exercise to my routine, and more recently, daily reading.

*Books are almost always better the second time around. Without the tension of worrying what’s going to happen, I can enjoy the anticipation of the good stuff more. :D

I’m currently at the 70% mark reading the next book in my reading challenge. This one’s a full novel. My effort to create a daily reading habit consists of a 2 page a day goal. I’m reading considerably more than 2 pages most days, but I’m happy to say that I’m not letting it overtake my life as I’ve had a tendency to do in the past.

And I just had a thought. I can add a daily reading habit to my days for my fiction too. Another mini habit. 2 pages a day. I already store copies on my Kindle using the Send to Kindle app, so this isn’t going to be any trouble whatsoever, unless I catch up to myself. In that case, I’ll just start over at the beginning. Or, you know, write faster. ;) Or even read previous books in my series again, so I can stay immersed in my worlds.

I just do not write short paragraphs that often. Sorry about that. :D